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Dental Fillings

At Avery Dental, our Port Hope dentists place composite dental fillings to prevent further decay in a tooth that has been diagnosed with a cavity.

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Dental Fillings, Port Hope Dentist

Fixing Cavities to Mend Your Smile

Dental fillings are a very common dental treatment for patients of all ages. They can be used to fix cracked, decayed, and broken teeth, and can help save your natural tooth.

If you have a cavity that goes untreated, the decay can spread and your tooth may need to be extracted.

Are you wondering how you can avoid cavities and the need for fillings? Preventive dental care is key. Be sure to maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine at home, and contact us to book your routine dental appointments.

Signs You Need a Dental Filling

Cavities can develop for a few reasons, including eating sugary foods or a lack of proper oral hygiene. Cavities may form on the chewing surfaces, near the roots, or around existing fillings.

Some clear signs that you may need a dental filling include dark spots on your teeth, sensitivity to hot or cold food or beverages, intense throbbing or a toothache, or visual signs like a chipped or cracked tooth.

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, contact our Port Hope dental office to book an examination.

Dental Filling Process

Your dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth that requires the filling. Once you're nice and numb, we will remove the decayed portion of the tooth.

Once the decay has been removed, the cavity will be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned out by your dentist. The filling material is then applied into the cavity, and a curing light is used to quickly harden the material.

All that's left to do now is smooth out the filling so that your bite is back to normal, and you're able to chew as usual.

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